In the previous post we explained how appscript gives you anonymous CORS+JSON endpoints: for free!

Not interested in Webapps / JSON (yet), but still curious about appscript? Read how to teach yourself appscript here

Anynomous endpoints

If you want other webservices to connect to your appscript, you’ll want anonymous access (see settings in Publish > Deploy as webapp)

The following matrix applies now:

webrequest Anonymous webrequest CORS application/json application/javascript text/xml text/plain text/html
GET /exec?path=/foo
POST /exec?path=/foo&method=GET
POST /exec?path=/foo&method=POST
POST /exec?path=/foo&method=PUT
POST /exec?path=/foo&method=DELETE
POST /exec?path=/foo&method=OPTIONS

⚠ = will trigger this application was created by another user-banner if not logged in as appscript-owner. See chapter [Banner 101]((/post/2017-03-20-appscript-webapp-and-cors)

The method and path-parameters above, are just an example to mimic a RESTful workflow.


Check Gexpress for a more simpler, express-style way of writing endpoints.

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