In this post, we want to:

  • get a Form Addon up and running within 1 minute
  • inspect submitted form-values as JSON in our emailbox or log
  • do testdriven development ❤

Wouldn’t it be amazing..if we could speed up our development-cycle a lot?

Bye repetitive form-filling, Hello testdriven development

Lets start!

Surf to script.google.com
Then copy/paste this addon-boilerplate into your editor:

NOTE: The important function here is getFormItems().

Ps. There are probably better addon template-scripts available in the docs

onFormSubmit caveats

The main idea is: “don’t work with e.response-functions directly”.
Use JSON ❤ (using getFormItems()):

function onFormSubmit(e) {
  emailResponse( getFormItems(e.response) )

getFormItems() basically allows emailResponse() to email a JSON.stringify-friendly version of e.response. See the implementation here

You have mail

Got your addon up and running?
If so, after filling out the google form, you’ll now receive an email:

Great! Lets now copy/paste that json-data from the email into our sourcecode:

function test1(){
  var formdata = {.....} // put the jsondata here
  emailResponse( "my@email.com", formdata )

Now run test1() using the user-interface:

Congratulations! You’ve just received another email without having to fill out the form.

Going further

We could create test2() now, which would test countBlue(..)for counting ‘blue’-answers:

function test(){

function test2(){
  var formdata = {.....}                 // put the jsondata here
  formdata["Name"].response = "blue"     // change answer
  var result = countBlue(formdata)       // analyze answers
  if( result.blue == 0 ) throw 'error'   // countBlue() is buggy

Voila! Now during development you can always run test() to see the impact of your modifications.

I hope this will give you enough inspiration to start testdriven development from now on :)

Further reading